Discovering a Passion

Sohail Khan

LEAD OPTOMETRIST & Owner of Armitage Opticians.

Sohail, the face behind Ashworth Opticians, first got glasses when he was 8. Like many, he hopped from one optician to another over the years, but something always felt off. It felt more like a chore rather than an experience. Even when he became an optometrist and worked at different optician shops, he noticed the same old routine—people came in, got their eyes checked, picked out frames from a limited selection, and went on their way. It all felt a bit cold and impersonal.

The real eye-opener came during a trip to Asia with Abra. They stumbled upon eyecare places where picking out glasses was made fun and informative. People were enjoying the process, and the opticians seemed genuinely interested in helping them find the right pair, matching their style and vision needs. It was a far cry from the drab routine back home.

Our Journey: Seeing Things Differently

The idea started brewing—why not create a place where people could have a similar enjoyable and personalized experience? A place where eyecare wasn’t just about reading letters off a chart, but understanding each person’s lifestyle and finding solutions that fit them perfectly.

With this fresh outlook, Sohail and Abra came back and started laying the bricks for Ashworth Opticians. They envisioned a place where clients could not only get their eyes checked but could also have a good time picking out frames that they’d love wearing.

The goal was simple: make eyecare personal, fun, and truly helpful. Sohail wanted to use his knowledge as an optometrist to educate people about their eyes, offer a wide range of eyewear options, and provide a service that genuinely cared about improving their clients’ vision and quality of life.

And so, Ashworth Opticians came to life, bringing a breath of fresh air in eyecare. It’s a place where eyecare is not a one-size-fits-all deal but a personalized journey to help you see the world better, with a touch of style and a lot of care.

Compelling reasons to choose Armitage Opticians

Quality Over Price: Exceptional value and the perfect eyewear fit.

Quality Eyecare: Thorough eye exams for long-term eye health.

Tailored Service: Personalized eyecare based on your preferences and lifestyle.

Value Your Time: Dedicated time for eye tests and eyewear selection.

Genuine Care: Recommendations for the best lens options based on your lifestyle.


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